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Hello everybody!!!
Please read this page. It is very important for you.
Let's talk about remodeling a little bit and particulaly about our showers.
This and the next page are supposed to help you to understand about your shower
remodeling and how to avoid common mistakes and to not waste your money.
In our life we do many things which we wouldn't want to do but we have to.
We don't want to go to the doctor, repair cars, or do remodeling. Unfortunately we have to do this sometimes because we have to be in shape,
we have to go to work somehow, we have to fix falling apart houses and apartments just because we have to live there and to live in decent
When it comes to shower remodeling, many people don't realize at all how complicated shower remodeling is. They don't know what kind of
work should be done in the shower in order to complete remodeling in a workmanlike manner.
People think that remodeling the shower just involves replacing  the wall board and tiles; any tile installer can do that.
That is the common mistake. They hire non qualified Contractors for this work and then they have problems.
I used to remodel leaking showers just in one year after they were remodeled by somebody else and showers were puddles of water never
evaporated from the floor surfaces.
I know one Contractor. He is a painter. When new, very expensive material came out on the market, which allowed preparation in the shower
to be completed in one day, and the installation did not require too many skills, he told me that he was going to try to complete preparation in
the shower, and in case of success he was going to give ads in the newspapers with information stating that professional shower installer does
quality shower remodeling.
Too bad for his Customers. We charge the same amount of money for the preparation including materials. He charges more for the materials
and less for labor, I charge more for labor and less for materials. I spend one day more to do preparation  with the traditional materials.
The fact is that my showers never leak. I am in this business for the 26 years.

Here is the page from the Floor Covering Magazine. You can look it through or if you don't want, just read what I have highlighted for you.
And by the way author Dave Gobis is available for you if you have questions. His e-mail on the bottom of the Magazine Page.
To understand more on the next page I put together pictures of step-by-step shower remodeling. It doesn't take to much time from you to take
a look, to understand process of shower remodeling.
This idea came to me just today and in order to put all the processes step-by-step I had to combine pictures from a few different projects. I did
not have pictures from the one particular project in the step-by-step order.

Thanks to BNP Media and its Editor/Floor Covering Installer John Moore for giving me permission to use this article on my web site.
Step-by-Step Shower
Remodeling - The
Picture Tutorial
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