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Attention our Customers!
We highly appreciate your business that is why we have the
New Offer for you.
Our Estimates always were and will be free no matter how far we have to travel if we agreed to come over to your house for Estimate.

We provide our quote for your project over the phone, and if you accept it, we prepare the Contract and then come over to your house to sign it and to
schedule the work.
       We always beat reasonable competitors' quotes by 5% (only the labor cost).

We need to see competitors Estimate in writing to compare apple to apple in order to beat their quote by 5%.

We can beat only the labor cost for the same service offer.

We cannot beat the materials cost due to the following reasons:

1.  Many Contractors such as myself, use good quality, specified materials from different manufacturers to complete every project.
Due to the huge variety of materials on the market and the Contractors' own preferences to work with a certain type of materials from particular
manufacturers, we do not know what kind of materials other Contractors offered to supply for the project and how much those materials cost.

2.  Some experienced Contractors use not specified inappropriate cheap materials in order to save their money and then problems come up.

3.  Other Contractors do not have enough experience to figure out what kind of materials to buy.
As it was mentioned above, because of the huge variety of materials on the market, they purchase the non-specified inappropriate cheap materials and
once again, then the problems come up.
                       New Offer for the Our Customers!!!
The following Offer is not combined with any other offer.
You can choose if you want to use this offer or any other valid offer or discount.

Starting January 1, 2008 we offer significant discount to every Customer for the every project completed with us!
How much that discount will be it depends only on a Customer him-self.

Everything is pretty simple.
Just name the Labor Cost of your project you think it should cost and if your cost will be with in 20% of our cost, you get your discount.
Our price always will be rounded to the nearest one hundred dollars.
Refer to the chart for the particular percentage of your discount.

If the difference between your price and our price will be less then:          
%         you get the discount of        % off.

                                                                                   0% (exact number)                         40%
                                                                                   5%                                                 25%
                                                                                  10%                                                15%
                                                                                  15%                                                10%
                                                                                  20%                                                 5%

If your number did not fall within necessary 20% range and you did not get your discount you still can have better price if we will beat the Competitors'
price (see above).

Everybody can choose to participate or not participate in our discount program. It is really every person's own business. We appreciate any decision you make.

If you do not want to participate, just tell us to give you your quote over the phone at the time of our visit.

If you want to participate just tell it to Contactor at the time of his visit to your house or apartment.

If you wish to participate, you have to pay $10 fee to reimburse the Contractor or Contractor Representatives for the 2nd visit to your house to exchange
the price.
We think $10 fee is not much and it is a fair price. Everybody knows how much gas costs today. We even don't charge for our time.
If you decide to proceed with the remodeling of your house with us your $10 fee will be refunded after project completion.

Upon the 2nd visit we should complete few steps:
1.   The $10 fee must be paid only in cash before price exchange will be started.
2.   After that you will write your price, date and initials on a paper in Contractor's or Contractor Representatives' presence.
3.   We exchange papers with our number and determine your savings.

Your discount will be effective immediately and good for 30 days.
With in the 30 days the Contract must be signed and project should be scheduled to keep your discount valid longer if it will be necessary for you.

December 11, 2007

Thank you very much everybody who managed to read all this boring stuff and finally came to this point.
We wish you all the best, to be healthy and happy and get biggest discounts we can offer today!
We are looking forward to do business with you!

Happy Holydays to Everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sometimes we provide information in the newspaper ads, flyers or other media sources, etc. about our offers and/or particular discounts.
Please be advised that neither one of our advertised offers and/or discounts are applicable to the small (one day or less) projects,
handyman services and neither offer and/or discount may be combined with any other offer and/or discount.
If we have ads in different media sourses, flyers, etc. at the same time promoting different offeres and/or discounts,
you can choose to apply either one to your project. The rest of them will not be valid.
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